Architectural Engineering

Construction Projects management

Electricity facilities Engineering

Water transmission and distribution Engineering

Sewerage and collecting and disposing of wasted water

Internal Road Engineering

Oil and Gas Facilities

Survey Planning, air photography and information management systems

Our Consultancy services are generally in three fields:

  • Design (Architectural, Structural and M.E.P.)
  • Coordinating, Communicating with authorities to fulfill their Requirements
    and guarantee their Approvals and Permits.
  • Construction Management and Supervision.


1.  we learn about your organization needs, strategies from different perspectives (Political, Social, Economical & Technological desires).

2.   Site Reconnaissance to investigate the geographical aspects of the region and record the existing conditions.

3.   Initial consultation with Firm stakeholders to determine the scope of work, timeline and budget.

4.   Develop project charter and solicit feedback for client approval.


1.  Team is established with ‘Subject Matter Experts’ specific to the project requirements.

2.   Brainstorm the needs of project from various crossroads to conceptualize an integrated design of the project.

3.   Solicit feedback for client Approval.


1.   Develop ‘ Good for Construction’ drawings
( Architectural, Structural, MEP, HVAC).

2.   Evolution of the client’s choice of finishing materials and brands in to the drawings and other project documents.

3.   Determine Quantities for the each item of work and assist to develop a Consolidated BOQ for the project and Engineer the specification constraints for each scope of work according to the requirements of client, environment and regulatory authorities.


1.  Affiliated across UAE since 1976.

2.  Lean information management about various authority approvals.

3.   Strategy for agile approvals.

4.   quick approvals and permits to start execution.


1.  provide guidance to identify suitable contracts for the project.

2.  Review the ‘terms and conditions of contract’ in virtue of pricing, time and quality of deliverable.

3.  Determine the contract value and duration of the project.

4.  Provide database of reputed vendors.

5.  Develop pre-qualification criteria for sub-contractors
according to The various needs of project.

6.  Review and approval of Interim payments according to the project progress.


1.  We are committed to deliver projects with Zero Accident Vision. We deploy full time safety officers who care for human lives, who prioritize clean environment; who protects damage of any property.

2.  Inspection of each activity to conform the quality of deliverable.

3.  We assure all stakeholders follow project management approval protocols before starting any work. Our project team are well trained experts to review in conformance with baseline documents and standards of practice.

4.  we conduct periodical/Random audits to identify defects and improve in a lean manner.


1.  we deliver the projects on time.

2.  within budget reserve.

3.  without any compromise to quality of each deliverable.