Lycee Francais Theodore Monod International School

Lyçée Français Théodore Monod International School (Sadiyat campus)
Lycée Théodore Monod is approved by the French Ministry of National Education and Youth. This approval attests and recognizes that LTM provides education in accordance with the principles, programs, and pedagogy of the French education system. The “high-end campus” will accommodate more than 2,000 students and will become the main campus of Lycée Théodore Monod. It is expected to provide a high-quality infrastructure with additional facilities to support Science, Arts, Cultural, and Sports education.

Al Hamra Village

Al hamra village is the one of the biggest projects which have done by COENGR. the project located in Ras al Khaima provides a commercial and residential faciliteis with the mind blowing sceneries. The well design infrastructure and landscape make this project the best example of architecture in the area.

Private Beach & Resort

The Project is located in Jumeirah, Dubai.
G+1st Floor, 10 Beach Villas, 10 Floating Villas, 2 Floating Majlis Sports store, boat store, Labors accomodations, Service Block
& Marina. Area is 65,000 sqft.

Yasmin Village

This masterpiece of architecture is located in Ras Al Khaima. The project consists of different types of buildings with beautiful infrastructure and landscaping. This man-made village is consists of commercial buildings, apartments and villas, a sports complex, a community club, and many other facilities.

Bin Majid Beach Hotel

This four-star hotel consists of 120 rooms, a coffee shop, restaurants, and
swimming pools.

Mangrove Hotel

Mangrove hotel is one of the top hotels in Ras al Khaimah. Offering 27 Standard Rooms, 57 Superior Rooms, 82 Suites and 6 Presidential Suites.

Continental Tower Marina

JVC Hotel

The Project is located in Jumeirah Village,Dubai
G+4 podium+29 typical floors + Roof.
Area is 189,000sqf.

Sharjah Res

The Project is located in Al Qasba, Sharjah
G+4 Podium + 19 typical floors + Roof.
The area is 284,000 sqft.

Double Tree Hotel

The Project is located in Morjan Island, Rasal khaima.
The Building is consist of different kind of commercial and residential services including Luxury apartments, restaurants, retail, Spa, gyms, suits, private beach. The well design infrastructure and landscape make this project the best example of architecture in the area. Area is 250,000sqf

Red Crescent Head Quarter Dubai,

The Project( Proposal) is located in Al khawnej , Dubai
G+3 Typical floors. Exibition Hall area is 10,000 sqft.
Conference hall capacity 300 persons
Area is 22000 sqft.

Ominat Real Estate

The Project is located in Maritime City, Dubai.
G+4 Podium + 40 typical floors + Roof.
Area is 280,000 sqft.

Al Dana Towers

3 indentical towers for Mr Muhamad Abdul karim
located in Al Nakheel Ras al Khaima.
Project is consist of ground floor, mezzanine, 13
typical floors, swimming pool and health club.


Al Ali Mosque

Al Ali mosque is the major landmark
of the area. It is located in Ras al Khaimah.
The interior of this beautiful mosque is
very antique. The materials used in this
project are playing a very important role
in its architecture design.

Etihad Rail - Stage I ( Shah - Habshan - Ruwais )

Location: West Region.

Etihad Rail – Stage I is a 264km long rail line begin at Shah gas field in the south of UAE to connect with the gas distribution and processing facilities at the port of Ruwais in the north. The route is for transporting sulphur from its sources atShah and Habshan. This link is passing through the cities of Mezaira’a, MadinatZayed, Tarif and Mirfa.

Ittehad Paper MIll Factory

Location: ICADII, Land Area: 230,000sqm, Building Area: 70,196.69sqm

Ittihad Paper Mill (IPM) is the first printing and writing paper production facility in the GCC. and is the largest producer of printing & writing paper in the MENA region covering around 10% of the MENA market. Equipped with high-tech machinery and production facilities, IPM strives to produce the highest quality of uncoated wood free paper reels, folio size paper and cut-sized finished good to cater the latest demand in printing. IPM products are marketed over 50 countries and approximately 7 continents.

Al Nakheel Hygienic Paper Mill Plant

Location: ICADII, Land Area: 144,000sqm, Building Area: 42,552.75sqm

Al Nakheel paper Mill is the part of Fine tissue company which is a big player in Tissue Market in the MENA region. This factory is the biggest tissue paper manufacturing plant in the UAE and representing a 40 percent increase in production for Fine globally. This new facility is fitted with the most advanced tissue making technology made from Swedish company Valmet that can produce 2,200 meters tissue paper per minute.

Crown Paper Mill Factory

Location: ICADIII, Land Area: 50,000sqm, Building Area: 28,000sqm
Crown paper mill (CPM) is consist of three lines producing 100,000 tonnes of tissue jumbo rolls annually. The mill’s “Prime Quality” Jumbo Rolls come in various grades such as Facial, Toilet, Kitchen Towel, Napkin, C-Fold and Carrier Tissue. All high quality tissue grades are produced from the highest virgin pulp grade sourced from all over the world. CPM is the first mill in the region to introduce Deep Dye tissues, which have been well accepted in the developed markets such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

National Cement Factory Expansion

Location: ICADI, Land Area: 119,997sqm, Building Area: 14,434.76 SQM

This company has the advantage in using newest technology to provide
innovation solution in the cementing industries. NCF runs a state of the art grinding station (incorporating two grinding mills) with an annual capacity of three million tons.

United Iron & Steel Factory

Location: ICADIII, Land Area: 126,443.24sqm, Building Area: 37,648.13sqm

United iron and steel factory consist of six process lines. Push pull picking line Capacity: 400,000MT PA, Cold rolling mill Capacity: 300,000MT, PA, Hot dip Galavanizing line Capacity: 250,000MT PA, Pre painted Galavanizing line Capacity: 150,000MT PA, Cut to length line Capacity: 125,000MT PA, Sliting line Capacity: 125,000MT PA. UIS are Leading producer of Galvanized Steel Coils/Sheets that cater the requirement of UAE and GCC Markets.

Styro insulation Material factory

Location: ICADIII, Land Area: 38,956.52sqm, Building Area: 13,881.23sqm
STYRO is fire retardant Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) manufacturing company in UAE, GCC & MENA “Middle East”. STYRO combines cutting-edge technologies with a strategic distribution system that operates beyond expectations and maintains highest quality control standards. The
production is 1500 tons per month.

Gulf Cans Factory

Location: ICADIII, Land Area: 21,259.72sqm, Building Area: 7,593.72sqm

Gulf Cans Industries is installing the first Monobloc Aluminum Aerosol Can
plant of its kind in UAE, using German and Swiss technology. The factory lines are manufactured by Mall Herlan and Bruckner (Pack Sys Global). These multiple lines allow for flexbility in producing 100,000,000 Aluminium Cans per year with the full range of sizes and designs.

Uma Lime Factory

Location: ICADIII, Land Area: 30,715.59sqm, Building Area: 2,463.37sqm
Uma lime is the well known producer and supplier of limestone. the factory have a good capacity to produce the lime by their latest installation

Arabian industries (Manufacturing Facility)

Location: ICADII, Land Area: 44,008.41sqm, Building Area: 463,129sqm

One of the leading Maintenance, Manufacturing and EPC Contracting
Company. This facility is providing a specialist process solutions for the
upstream Oil & Gas industry, and maintenance activities across Oil & Gas,
Refineries. This facility Solutions product portfolio covers mainly Oil
Treatment including Oil Separators, Oil Dehydrators and Oil Desalters.

Super Power New Facility

Location: ICADIII, Land Area: 10,676.75sqm, Building Area: 1,657.00sqm

SPT is well situated in the Oil & Gas industry. This Facility is for Offshore and Onshore Oil Field Services and Supply dealing with all aspects in the oil field industries like Drilling and Production side especially drilling and commercial chemicals.

Crystal Plastic Factory

Location: ICADIII, Land Area: 11,855.39sqm, Building Area: 4,823.86sqm

The factory expertize as an APET Sheet producer and Thermoformer, provides ideal solution for clients packaging needs. The factory have a good capacity to produce and design differnt catagories of plastic items especially Lid and cups, Deli box, salad bowl, and Egg trays.

Abu Dhabi National Carpet Mill Expansion

Location: ICADI, Land Area: 42,400.20sqm, Building Area: 14,416.23sqm
This expansion of Abu dhabi National carpet factory is the part of ADNIP
(Abu dhabi National Industrial Projects) which produce over 11 million sqm ofcarpet and 6,000 tons of yarn every year. Their internal standards are highly stringent, resulting in products that match global standards in terms of quality and reliability. ADNC (member of ADNIP) is the first carpet manufacturing company in the UAE.

Consolidated Suppliers ICAD facility

Location: ICADII, Land Area: 32,985.11sqm, Building Area: 1000.00sqm
Consolidated Suppliers is a leading supplier and service provider for the oil and gas, refining, and petrochemical industries in United Arab Emirates. This facility is uniquely built with standard MEP services consist of a workshop facility with RDAS laboratory and staff offices. The open built up area is consist of steam and high pressure washing and stacking facility.

Hamim Labour Camp

Location: AL Dhafra, Land Area: 27,374.39sqm, Building Area: 14,168.8sqm
The project consist of six building units accomodating 4500 laborers, 200 technicians, 500 junior staff and 150 senior staff. The building accomodate different facilites such as Kitchen, mess hall, in house recreational facilities, laundry, first aid clinic,Mosque, administration area, store rooms, playing area and canteen.

Liwa & Majaz Medical Center

Location: MBZ city, Land Area: 3,762.57sqm, Building Area: 1,263.55sqm
The project is planned and designed according to the
international codes and standards providing different medical facilities. The center consisit of Opd, Ipd, Radiology and diagnostic departments, Dental suit, Pharmacy, Praying area, canteen and well planned parking.

Industrial Complex

Location: ICADIII, Land Area: 148,500sqm, Building Area: 75,536.16sqm

H.H Sheikh Muhamad bin Khalifa bin Zayed AL Nahyan is the owner of this Mega industrial complex. The project is composed of twenty buildings catagorized in four dissimilar types. These buildings are consist of different type of two warehouses, commercial shops, various kind of offices, and many other services. The traffic circulation and accessibility is also very functional and apparent.

Sheikh Zayed Housing Program

COENGR did numerous villa projects including plenty of Villa complexes
for SHK Zayed housing program. Such as:

50 villas in UAQ
30 villas in Khat

Gov. of Ras Al Khaima

COENGR did some of Villa complexes for Government of Ras Al Khaima,
such as:

24 villas in Al Dhait south
26 villas in Al Dhait south
20 villas in Ghalilah Valley

Educational Projects

COENGR did numerous Educational projects including many of schools
Such as
Al Bustan School – Ras Al Khaima
Abdul-Rahman ibn Awf School – Ras Al Khaima
Tarim Bin Omran School – Ras Al Khaima
Child Nursery Maireez – Ras Al Khaima
Elementry school – Ras Al Khaima
Secondry school – Ras Al Khaima
Salamat Boy’s Primary School – Alain
Salamat Girl’s Primary School – Alain
Safanah School Baniyas – Abu Dhabi
Baniyas School – Abu Dhabi

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